New Issue of The Worst: A Zine Compilation on Grief and Loss is Out!

Don’t worry I won’t count this towards my 10 posts in 10 days. But I just wanted to make sure folks know that the latest issue of the Zine the Worst about grief and loss in radical communities is out and ready for you to get a copy to read. Its a truly beautiful zine full of compelling and thoughtful essays. I can’t tell you how much this zine has helped me! This issue also includes an essay by me!

Check it out and get a copy today!


Working on a Ship that I may never sail

Ship Gonna Sail

I stumbled upon this while cleaning out some folders on my computer. Early last summer I wrote this essay for the second issue of a zine on grief in radical communities called the Worst. The zine maker hasn’t been able to finish the next issue it seems, so here it is.

For more then a decade, I rehearsed getting that phone call from back home telling me my father had passed away.  I was still in high school when my dad was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. The doctors gave dire predictions of an early death in the next 5-10 years. Well, my dad surpassed all expectations and thrived for over a decade with only half a working heart.

My dad was a radical….a radical singer, artist, historian, story teller…so many things. He was U. Utah Phillips. He was also (more often to me) Bruce Phillips the comedian, French fry lover, prankster, gardener, and fierce little league fan. His lessons, many of which I and others learned from watching him on stage, and his grace, kindness, songs and stories are blessedly enduring because he kept on working after his diagnosis.

New Zine – Get in on the Action

eathseaDo you all know that zines have their origins in the sci-fi/fantasy scene? In the beginning zines were created by fans to showcase fan fiction, pay tribute to certain authors or stories and to general cover the news of the fandom and literary world of sci-fi and fantasy books. As the years went by fans of other things began to create zines. Punk rock fans in particular have created quite a selection of zines over the years. The DIY movement has also made excellent use of zines. Now you can find zines on all sorts of things from how to make your own cheese and build a hammock out of a rain coat to offering emotional support to friends who have experienced abuse to the analysis of the prison industrial complex. For the most part zine culture has swung towards the radical political – zines are very much written about and by people from the radical sub-culture. Often they are used as a means of communications and distributing information.

This is all well and good. I for a time have had a couple of zines fitting the bill of a radical sub-culture publication. But the time has come the walrus said to think of other things. In particular to think of writing a zine that pays homage to my love of fantasy and science fiction literature. A fan zine, a fan fiction zine and all encompassing creative smorgasbord love fest for all things sci-fi and fantasy.

But I don’t want to do it alone. Indeed! I refuse to do it alone! The solitary creative venture has proved to be quite unsatisfying for me in previous endeavors. Therefore I demand that some of you step up to the plate and get involved. You could write reviews, fiction, analysis, draw pictures, help with layout, editing and soliciting and compiling submitions…the possibilities are bountiful.

earthsea2This will invovled a commitment of collaborative energy. Meaning, I won’t herd you. You enter into this project willingly and excited to actively participate and play a role in making it happen. It will include email communication and maybe (gasp!) phone calls. But its all in the name of fun and fantasy!

If you are interested in helping to shape this little project into something intergalacticly awesome shoot me an email at potter at riseup dot net. Make sure to mention:

1. Why you want to be involved
2. Why your are excited
3. How you would be involved and contribute
4. A little snippet into what you envision this zine being.