Thankful: the list

This year I am:

Thankful that I have my health and access to health care that I trust and am comfortable accessing.

Thankful I have a job that pays me a salary and pays for my health insurance

Thankful that though my heart is heavy with much grief and anger about many things in this world it is also nourished by the love of many through friendship and kinship

Thankful for my family

Thankful that some things don’t change as quickly as others

Thankful for the many people I know who are at present taking a stand against the assault on Gaza

Thankful for my cushy, comfy and oh so warm hoodie with the big buttons

Thankful that my imagination is as vibrant and ridiculously over-active as ever

Thankful for living in a place with four seasons

Thankful for all the hope I have inside me despite it all

Thankful for scheming and schemers

Thankful that I have little to fear

Thankful that I dream in color

Thankful that my future is mostly determined by me

Thankful for gchat that keeps me in touch with far flung friends and wastes hours of valuable work time

Thankful for books of all shapes, sizes and genres

Thankful for a full pantry and ‘fridge

Thankful for pals to watch TV shows and eat popcorn with

Thankful for writing and being able to play with the written word

Thankful for cats, kitties and cat memes on the internet

Thankful for candy

Thankful for spell check

Thankful for editors

Thankful for my education

Thankful for my home (leaky windows and all)

Thankful for my housemates

Thankful for toad and fancy

Thankful for how the community I work in service of has embraced me and trust me

Thankful for going to bars and drinking on election night with friends

Thankful for soccer matches

Thankful for my smarts

Thankful for the bright red cardinal that lives outside my window

Thankful for the images of home that keep with me always

Thankful that the Columbia River exists such as it is

Thankful that the Rocky Mountains, while not still growing, are in no danger of disappearing in my lifetime

Thankful for my mom and all her grace and power the she gave to me

Thankful my aunt took me to the YMCA for swimming when my mom was working

Thankful for sunny and cloudy days equally

Thankful for chit-chat

Thankful for naps

Thankful for people more talented than I who create art and dance

Thankful that bombs do not rain down on me or any of my loved ones

Thankful for all my feelings and emotions

Thankful for time to get things done

Thankful for the relative ease of my commute to work

Thankful for the chance to think thoughtfully about the many blessings in my life