On this blog one might find funny stories about ridding bicycles in Boston, sad stories about the curse of capitalism and its toll on our lives, or witty commentary about these, the waning days of Babylon.

For my friends and family…here is as nice a  place as any to catch up on my life during those long waits between my phone calls and emails.

For everyone else…enjoy! I can’t claim to have created anything profound here but I can say that its fun!


One Response

  1. Hey girl, this is cool. Hope to see your real live person one of these days. Don’t pay attention to the email address on this entry as it is only my school one, not my super secret for friends only real one. love you
    They did a tribute to your papa here this week and I think your bro was in town. I got to announce it on my first ever KBOO show! I’m doing a folk show once a month. love Sarah

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