The Underestimating of Youth is the Province of the Grown-up

As most of you know by now, 826 Boston is an after school tutoring and creative writing center in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood where I am a volunteer. Just this week I spent an afternoon at Boston’s English high helping 9th grade students write essays for their U.S. history class. In the course of my tutoring one of the girls I was working with asked me what I thought of English High. I was thoughtful for a moment, before answering. I know English High has fallen on some hard times in the past decade. Not only is it the longest running public high school in the country it has also been one of the worst performing schools in the city. Major reforms have seen major changes, but English can’t seem to shake the reputation of being one of the worst schools. But the kids, their great so I said I thought English High was a wonderful place, everyone was so nice. The girl smiled, laughed and said, “ya, but no one out there does,” gesturing to the greater outside world. “Everyone out there thinks English is where drug dealers go and you get shot. They think we’re bad.” Then with a huge smile she said “I’m writing an article for the school paper about it!” It being the misconception of English High as a place of trouble rather then a place of bright and capable minds.

My afternoon was excellent. The students were excited to have us there, conversational and energetic. The object of the essay was to answer the question “was President Truman justified in dropping the atomic bomb”. The students all had their opinions of course and they were all excited to share them. I left with the distinct impression that English High is a place full of potential and energy no matter what the fancy pants down at the board of education say. Being a part of 826 Boston is being a part of helping to unleash that potential.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to support my and Mahsa’s leggo head mustaches thus far.  We’ve been pulling out all the stops, bake sales, lunch room escapades, and some underhanded dealings down at the docks of course. So thank you again for your support!

Its not too late if you haven’t had the chance to show your love of the ‘stache. The mustache-a-thon to end all mustache-a-thons continues for another two weeks. You can see our page to learn more. We and our mustaches have pledged to raise $300 and we’re half way there.

I hope you’ll support our lego head mustaches as way to support the amazing possibilities 826 Boston is a part of realizing for young people in Boston.

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Grooming for the week 4 photo shoot


The Art of Grooming a Lego Mustache

It is no simple task to groom the mustache of a giant lego head. Here we see some decent technique before our lego head hits the town for a night out with fellow lego heads. Do be sure to check out Mustache progress page and support our lego heads mustache farming endeavors all for the good cause of supporting 826 Boston.

Your Upper Lip Doth Flouish with Fur

It’s been three weeks since our lego heads first began to sprout mustaches and we can’t be more proud. Our initial fears that our lego heads would be cursed with the same affliction, which makes it so hard for the two of us to grow mustaches have proved to be unwarranted. Our lego heads upper lips doth flourish with fur.

My! What updates we have on our mustache farming. This weekend Mahsa and I made a huge batch of vegan twinkies. We sold said twinkies in downtown Jamaica Plain between the post office and the ice cream shop. What we thought would be a hard task turned out to actually be quite easy and we quickly sold all our twinkies to curious and somewhat caution passer-by’s. One women said she didn’t want to buy a twinkie but that Wally would…Wally being her dog. So wally gave us three dollars and the two went on their way. A curious child came to our table to inquire as to what we were doing and became so curious that she squashed a twinkie prompting her mom to say “I guess we bought that one.” You sure did ma’am! Overwhelmingly people loved the lego heads and the cause for which we have dedicated them to supporting. That is to say the cause of raising money to support the amazing after-school tutoring and creative writing programs of 826 Boston.

dining out at the last weigh-in

The work of aiding students in the art of study and the crafting of words is such wonderful work. There can be no denying that words when strung together with creativity and panache can carry the mind to new worlds of thought and adventure. So how could we not support the good work of 826 Boston?

Enjoying some refreshment at the weigh-in

Please take a moment to support our Mustache! And to all those who have shown your support thus far, relish in the updates.

Why Tickle Me Wiskers!

week 2 and the 'stache is coming along nicely

The lego mustache is coming in nice! Starting to tickle our noses a bit.  I think our lego heads are going to have a rough go of it finding dates until the mustaches come in a bit more. Right now they look a little Steve Buscemi ala Fargo. Here is the latest update in pictures and video. How could you not want to support an organization that inspires such die hard craft fanaticism? This is second time Mahsa and I have donned elaborate costumes for 826 Boston. The first time being the fabulous special screening of Where the Wild Things are at Which Dave Eggars (the screen writer) complimented our costumes (oh swoon!). Please take a moment to support our hair brained craftiness by pledging to support our lego mustache.