Horowitz on Howard Zinn and Honoring the Obit

After quotes Noam Chomsky and Julian Bond, NPR let the droll voice of right wing activist David Horowitz to spew from my radio and as one person put it “symbolically spit on Zinn’s grave.” This is what he had to say “There is absolutely nothing in Howard Zinn’s intellectual output that is worthy of any kind of respect. Zinn represents a fringe mentality which has unfortunately seduced millions of people at this point in time. So he did certainly alter the consciousness of millions of younger people for the worse.”

NPR! You should not have done that! So I wrote a nice little note to All Things Considered and other names at NPR in which yes, I used the world codswallop. It seemed appropriate. I encourage you all to write notes of a similar tone.

Dear All Things Considered, NPR staff, etc. etc,

NPR did a great kindness when it ran an obituary for my father, the late folk musician Utah Phillips. It was a sweet, sentimental obituary done by another folk musician. I still have it saved on my computer should I want to listen to it.

My father was a radical, a leftist and like Howard Zinn, not in the party way but in a fierce and independent way. Both men strove to be a part of social movements for change and in turn became many of those movements de facto historians and teachers. There are so many individuals mourning the loss of Howard Zinn. His life’s work is a treasured volume to so many working to right the wrongs in the world. Not to mention that his work is also tirelessly researched, accurate and damn well written.

David Horowitz contribution to our society is codswallop and shouldn’t be given more the second glance when all is said and done. When those who have mattered to the world are measured against those who merely worked to be a distraction to what is really going on we will see the likes of Howard Zinn and not David Horowitz rise to the top.

How could you allow that vapid man to speak a rebuttal to an obituary? Political ideology aside Howard Zinn deserves to be mourned.

I do not think his family will have the great pleasure of book marking his NPR obituary to listen to in the future as I have. That is a shame NPR should carry and feel greatly uneasy about. You missed an excellent opportunity to not only retain some semblance of class but to also convey to your listeners the meaning of the death of Howard Zinn.


Full Body Revolt Quelled with a Cupcake

Tonight I tested the uneasy truce I’ve made with my body. Tonight on my way home from the YMCA I stopped at a bakery and bought the biggest, badest cupcake they had and stuffed it in my face. It was delightful. Sure it was wheat free and vegan so it was kind of dry and a little over sweet. Sure I had to eat it so fast so as to get my glove back on as soon as possible that I almost can’t remember how it tasted. But I know in my heart it was glorious!

After over a month of trying to tame my wild and reckless innards I have struck a precarious balance. An old flame of mine, interstitial cystitis has come back into my life. And much like the return of other old flames it is unwelcome, unannounced and a real drag on my social life. IC is why I stopped eating wheat, tomatoes, cranberries…essentially all really acidic or spicy foods. Over the years I’ve been able to return to eating something’s and (gasp!) even drinking coffee and black tea. IC is a chronic condition that Affects my bladder.

Ya, I’m embarrassed to talk about it and often don’t tell people what it really is. I just make up wildly interesting disorders and call them IC. Why is it embarrassing? Because for some reason telling people something is wrong with my bladder, even saying the word bladder is embarrassing. In fact it’s infinitely more embarrassing then talking about the regularity of my bowel movements, which my friends and I talk of often. It is more embarrassing the say, talking about epic menstrual cramps that make me feel like a semi-truck is trying to tear through my uterine lining. I’ll say vagina. But I can’t say bladder. But fuck it! That’s what’s wrong with me. My bladder gets cysts in it, it gets irritated and in tern works it’s hardest to irritate me. I suppose it’s embarrassing because I’m self conscious about it. I mean, everyone poops and cramps are pretty average so what’s to be self conscious about? But bladder problems conjure up images of old ladies in diapers. Its not like I pee my pants. That’s not what IC is about. It’s pain.

I know you want to stop but you should read more cause its some seriously good useage of ! points