One Big Gay Circus!

Boobie Cookies!

Boobie Cookies!

Last night I had the distinct honor of being a volunteer at the Theater Offensive’s 20th Annual ClimACTS benefit show. The Theater Offensive is a hugely popular LGBTQ theater troop that does shows about living, thriving and dying in the queer community. They do acts on AIDS, acts on bigotry but also on love and triumph…and always with a lot of style!

This show was a extra special not only because it was the 20th anniversary but also because it was under the big top. The Big Apple Circus is in town and loan out the use of their big top circus tent (and circus band!) to the Theater Offensive for the evening.

When I arrived their were dozens of people stripping down and well…not really getting dressed. People went all out to look their most fabulous in as few cloths as possible. This was unlike any non-profit big time fundraiser I had ever been to. Sure the attendees were dressed mostly in button up shirts and slacks and pearls, but they mixed and mingled with the most outrageous and wonderful assortment of characters.

I was working security in 30 minutes shifts. When I got to go into the reception party for the first time my eyes got all huge. The music was bumping and the drinks flowing. In the middle of the room on a raised platform danced two very fit young men go-go dancers in itty bitty boxer-briefs and danced, danced, danced.

Lucky me, when the show started under the big top I got to go in and see the whole thing. It started with a great song and dance number and then the executive director was lowered from the ceiling in very dramatic fashion. There was then an amazing tight-rope act, more singing, juggling and acrobatics! Lots of screaming and dancing too. The entertainment so to speak (all those dressed up people) walked around serving drinks and in some cases asking if people wanted to wip them a little horse wip. It was oh so exciting! I really think it was the best time I’ve had in recent memory.

A real highlight was a performance by the the True Colors Out Queer Youth Theater Troop. Three of the youth performed a piece that wove their three stories together; stories about coming out, being kicked out the house, falling into depression and drug use and eventually finding hope, community and support in the theater troop. It was so amazing that I cried.

Perhaps the most extravagant part was the desserts at the end…I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.



This says it all!

The Flora Burn Rides Again!


Believe it or not it was over 80 degrees here in the Boston area today. 80 glorious, sunny, hot degrees. After 6 months of bitter cold, snow,  rain, wind and gloom, we had a full day of the most beautiful sunshine and warmth.  Neighbors and friends not seen since November appeared on bikes wearing shorts and sandals. The ice cream shop was packed and everyone had big huge silly grins on their faces.The adorable little orange cat next store came out to play in the sun, rolling around on the hot pavement.

Mahsa, Paul and I took full advantage of the day by going out to Hopkinton State Park for a day of canoeing and pic nicing (on an island in the middle of the lake!!!). Its about a half hour to Hopkinton from my house, but it took longer since we drove fairly slow owing to having a 16 foot canoe on a 12 foot long car.

We spent 3 hours on the water. That’s pretty good for us…seeing how its only our second time out practicing in the Flora Burn for our big trip. Three marvelous hours of practicing J-strokes and trying to go straight. Paul joined us for bits of it, ridding in the middle. We even journeyed over to what looked like a fun little passage under a bridge. It turned out to be a water fall….not worries, we heard the water long before we got to close. Mostly we just meandered around the lake soaking up the vitamin D and laughing about all sorts of things.

Next weekend we hope to get out on the Charles River for a full day! We’re going to have to get used to being in a canoe for 5-8 hours a day for our trip. Oh boy! Its all so exciting! Tomorrow is supposed to be just as lovely and sunny. Hopefully the cat comes back over and we can lounge in the back yard reading and dozing.

Here are some pictures!

The Maiden Voyage of the Flora Burn


Sunday was an exciting day indeed. Mahsa and I took out the Flora Burn for her first day on the water. The Flora Burn is our Canoe, named for a woman pirate of the late 1700’s who worked off the eastern seaboard of the U.S. We spent the morning doing lapse around Turtle Pond, which isn’t too far from my house. The weather forecast was grim, but the day turned out to be glorious! The sun shown brightly and the wind was mostly calm. Really, besides seeing a bird commit suicide by diving into the water and not coming up again, the day was splendid.

We took turns portaging the canoe. I took it in and Mahsa took it out when we left. The hike isn’t far at all…but with a 60 lbs canoe on your shoulders it feels like crossing a continent. We see a canoe cart in our future…

The paddling was good. The only frustration was with the canoeing gods who felt it was a real nice joke to make it as hard as possible for us to go in a straight line. We plan to go canoeing almost every Sunday from here on out. We leave around July 16th for the big trip. By then not even the canoe gods will keep us from paddling in a straight line. Hehe.

Here are some of the pictures.

Action alert for Leonard Peltier

Here are some action updates from Leonard Peltier’s support committee. One regarding helping to get Leonard transferred to a medium security facility closer to his family and another about the AIM for Freedom Campaign to get Leonard out of prison.

Write a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice and keep the pressure on to get Leonard transferred to a medium security facility closer to his family. Specifically FCI Oxford in Wyoming.

Send a letter via fax, mail, or email to the U.S. Attorney General. A sample letter can be found here

Office of the Attorney General
Telephone:: 202-353-1555
Fax:  202-307-6777

Second order of business: Let’s get Leonard out of jail! His support committee has launched a campaign called the AIM for Freedom Campaign. The basics are as follows and you can read all the amazing details of the stage by stage plan, and how to help on their web site.

The Basics:

1. a grant of parole;
2. an award of Executive Clemency;
3. a congressional investigation into the FBI’s misconduct in Indian Country, against the American Indian Movement and in the case of Leonard Peltier; and
4. the release of the tens of thousands of related case documents.

I sincerely hope you’ll be able to take a moment to take some action to support Leonard Peltier!

Not to hop on a bandwagon…

But I can’t help it!

this is the greatest Youtube video I’ve seen. It is a little known fact that I adore the musical Les Miserables. If you have never listened to it all the way through or see a production of the musical, you really should. Its all about revolution (the French rev. to be sepcific) and is full of revolutionary furvor refelcted in the lyrics. This song, is one of my favorites and the video is so splendid and touching. I have a soft spot for anyone who can make any song from Les Miserable sound like the original Broadway cast recording (granted, she is a women and in the play its a man singing…so that’s different.) Oh, and its always nice to see all the done-up, namby pamby, glamour girl wannabe’s put in their place. (I can’t seem to embed it just yet so you’ll have to click on thel link)

Temporal Distortion Man

Dun, dun, dundun!

Ha! I have discovered the answer to a vexing problem that has plagued humans for ages. Yes! Me. Without a science degree and no real understanding of physics to speak of…actually I might not believe in physics ….I have manged to unlock one of the great mysteries of the world. Ha! Victory!

Temporal Distortion Man!

Let me explain. Temporal Distortion Man (TDM) is a being that can travel through space and time and is entirely transparent. TDM can also divide himself up and follow many people. Basically what he does is to travel in front of you while you go about your day. Then suddenly you’ll be looking for something…something you swear was right where you left it or a glass that was full is now empty. It is maddening to not be able to explain these bothersome occurrences. But it is TDM who is to blame. When feeling particularly mischievous TDM inserts himself between you and what you are looking at, reflecting back to you the last image of that spot you saw. For example that glass on the counter that you had filled with water. Then he empties the glass and moves. Poof! What you see is the empty glass that one moment before was full.

I proved the existence of TDM through carefully interviewing some housemates and friends. All had reported instances of seeing things in one place only to find that they had disappeared within seconds.

I have yet to determined how to thwart TDM. But as of now I have found that getting adequate rest, not drinking too much caffeine and laying off the Easter candy sales can help alleviate the severity of TDM’s intrusions into your life.