Is that a Canoe I see?

Why yes it is!!!

Yesterday was a sunny fine day. Made even better by the fact that my friend Mahsa and I acquired our very own canoe!

We are now in the midst of fully preparing for are grand adventure. In July we set out to complete the Northern Forest Canoe Trail a 750+ mile water trail starting in Old Forge New York and ending in Kent Maine. I’m sure you can guess that its going to be wicked fun, but also hard and sometimes it’ll suck (imagine the famed Maple swamp full of flies and mosquitoes). But what an adventure!

We’re going to be starting a blog soon and sending out an announcement about our trip. Here are some pictures of our lovely new Canoe!



Your lack of accoutrements on this cold morning makes you look ridiculous

I don’t care if you have flashy red iodized Phil Wood hubs with matching red velocity rims and a red chain all on a sleek custom made track bike with glossy black paint. If you are ridding without gloves, hat or helmet on a 32 degree day you look like nothing less then a knuckle head. All that coolness you were striving for by ridding such a sparkly and fancy bike? LOST in your over confident stupidity! You are not impervious to the cold.

Further more, I KNOW that you and your uber-fantastic bike with those super skinny tires were not ridding through the winter. I would know. I rode through the whole winter, even on the snowiest days and would have seen you on the bike path. So HA! You may have a prettier bike but you ain’t as tough as you and your skinny black jeans, tattoos and piercing would suggest.

Also, to the other cyclists emerging onto the bike path as spring approaches: If you spent in excess of $2000 on a bike, for god sake learn to adjust the gears and grease your chain. Nothing like seeing an outrageously expensive Cannondale bike zipping buy squeaking like a dying bird and clicking in and out of gear.

An important note from Daniel McGowan


In case you haven’t heard about two important things regarding prisons in the US here is a note from pal and political prisoner Daniel McGowan. It is regarding the H.R. #1475, also known as the Federal Work Incentive Act. It has the potential to reduce the sentences of many federal prisoners by increasing the amount of available “good time credit” Daniel explains it all very well in his message.

Daniel also refers to something called the Communications Management Unit. These are scary new units in Federal prisons that severely limit inmates ability to communicate, including with their lawyers. Again, Daniel explains it all very well.

Both of these issues are very important. Please, write a letter on behalf of the “good time” bill. Its a small action that could have an emense impact.

If you want more information on prisons and the prison industrial complex check out Critical Resistance.

read Daniels Note

The Proof!

Here it is! My acceptance letter in all its glory.


To celebrate I bought myself a big ole chocolate covered marshmellow bunny. It was so delicious.

The Envelope Please

And the Answer to whether I got into grad school or not is?

In search of a Mimeograph press

Good friends and acquaintances,

I am in search of a mimeograph press machine (hand crank preferable so even when the electricity goes out we can still publish) to begin the publication of my very own quarterly newsletter. Never fear! I do not intend this as a replacement for the blog. I merely see it as preparation for the inevitable when electronic forms of communication become so contrived and my carpel tunnel so severe that I dare not use it as a medium of communication a day longer. I also see the utility in learning more…arcane forms of publishing in order to be skilled enough to continue to communicate on a large scale when the power grids begin to fail and our civilizations collapse.

If you could so kindly spread the word that I am in search of a mimeograph (often unions and union halls have old mimeograph machines) and willing to pay a fair price for it.

Much obliged,

Leonard Peltier Parol Hearing Coming Up – Find out how you can support the cause

peltierl1Leonard Peltier Support Committee Needs your Help!

Friends, Leonard Peltier the American Indian activist who has been wrongly imprisoned for over 30 years will be having a parol hearing in the coming months and his support committee is asking people to write letters in support of Leonard recieving parol. Leonard is getting older and his health is not fairing well. His family would greatly love to have him returned to them soon as would all of us who care about Leonards case

His support committee is also in need of funds, help with outreach and education. So hey, what can you do to help?

Here are some ideas:

1. Write a darn letter! Its easy, quick and immensely important in support Leonards case.  Click here for a sample letter and information on where to send it.

2. How about sporting a Free Leonard Peltier T-shirt or sticker? You can purchase such things from his support committee. The money raised helps to cover operating costs and getting money to Leonard’s commissary fund. You can buy a t-shirt or sticker here.

3. Buy some of Leonards art. You can check it out here. All the money raised goes to the support committee.

4. Feeling ambitious and full of righteous  anger over the case of Leonard Peltier? Show the film “Incident at Oglala” as part of an event, house party or just a get together of friends. The film is an excellent way to learn more about the case of Leonard Peltier and to get the word out about his case. The film is available on a lot of web sites for order and some libraries even carry it. You can also watch it on the support committee’s web site. You can contact his support committee for help with resources to distribute at your event.

5. Donate money to The Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee. They are asking for people to contribute $10.00 or more, monthly if possible to the cause. Check out their web site to donate now!

6. sign up for email alerts from Leonard’s support committee. Stay up to date on his case and how you can help.

Read their most recent update

Now…go write that letter!