A total eclipse of the heart

img_4729On Valentines day night some friends and I ventured out to rendezvous at the Coolidge Corner Theater – our local not for profit indy theater. The occasion? The midnight 80’s love ballad sing-along, Total Eclipse of the Heart. Here’s the seen.

The line snaked all the way around to the back of the theater. A good natured friend got to the theater early enough to hold a sweet place in line for us all. The excitement in the air was electric. I mean , we were all standing in line preparing for a 2+ hour extravaganza of the best of 80’s love ballads where we are expected to sing along as loud as we can. Outstanding! Oh my God there is more Including a Video!


Glam Rock Lord of the Rings

Is it amazing or absurd? I can’t decide and I also can’t stop watching it! Its effing stunning. Glam rock meets the  Lord of the Rings! Its almost as if someone made a music video that wraps together every major fantasy saga into one video, one song. Who is this guy? Is he a joke or perhaps the greatest genius of our time?  You’ve got to check out his web site

Jesus Found! Seen Living in an Apple

The other night while making funny teeth out of apple and generally enjoying a delicious pink lady apple we stumbled upon Jesus (no, not our housemate Jesus, who incidentally has changed his name to Matt). Who knew Jesus has been living in a Pink Lady apple. But heck! If I had to live in a fruit I’d pick a Pink Lady apple. They’re damn tasty!

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The dreaded slow dance party


It is only the most twisted among us who would want to resurrect the more painful and trying times of our adolescence as an excuse for throwing a party.

Take a moment to close your eyes. Cast your thoughts back to 7th or 8th grade. Your in the gymnasium and the lights are low. You look around and see all the familiar faces: the cool kids, the geeks, the jocks, the freaks and you not really classifiable. Suddenly things slowdown a bit, some song comes on whose rhythm you can’t awkwardly jerk your body around to in a group of friends. No this is slow song. Dancing to which is reserved for pairs of people, couples. Your palms begin to sweat and you begin to shuffle your way towards the bleachers so you can sit alone and savor your embarrassment at not being asked to dance. Or even better you are asked to dance by a lanky gent who has yet to discover the many uses of antiperspirant.  His hands on your waist, your hands on his shoulders he both sway and shuffle from side to side, avoiding eye contact like a cat avoids water. Maybe you talk about the math test…but more likely you don’t talk at all. When the song ends you jump apart and each go off to be with your friends. Thank god that is over! Don’t worry there are pictures!

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Make sure to do the Rollie Pollie Poll

arrowWithout your help I may end up wandering aimlessly around the earth with only a vague notion of why I exist. I may get so bored that I join a cult and then watch out, cause I’ll have nothing but time to recruit you!

A mom by any other name would be an aunt

It think, much to our parent’s chagrin, that it takes quite a number of years and life experience to fully appreciate the people who helped raise us. To a kid the world changes so much so quickly. And if life isn’t tranquil and charming like the sitcoms we watched on T.V. then life can also be overwhelming, confusing and sometimes frightening. So it stand to reason that we couldn’t possibly know how much the people in our lives as kids meant to us until we’ve had the time to process everything that has happened and to come to terms with the mess of our lives.

Following this logic and as a part of me trying to set up some sort of order to my life I’ve begun to branch out in my appreciation and processing of those who helped raise me. I’ve worked a lot, a lot, a lot over the years to work through the many and profound issues surrounding my immediate parents, mom and dad. I’d like to think that while I still hold grudges and harbor some discontent over my childhood; I have also come a long, long way in reconciling my love for my parents with feelings of being let down by their hippy ways. One can not dwell too much on not actually having a legal first name because your parents failed to file the right paper work…or was it because they hired a coked out attorney. Either way not having a legal name or not knowing the real date of your birthday until you were seven aren’t reasons to dislike your parents. Neither is divorce, though unlike the birth date debacle this one takes longer to get over and a lot more time in therapy. But at the end of the day I’ve found that my love for my parents makes working on this stuff easier since I want to keep being invited home for the holidays and receiving chocolate bunnies on Easter (hint, hint). Plus having a well reasoned and processed analysis of the trauma your parents inflicted on you as a young person is great leverage for getting your way as an adult. “Mom, remember that time I fell off the stool and almost cracked my head open and you yelled at me because I could have broken the stool? Man, that still gets me to this day. I need a chocolate bunny to help me get over it.”

My dad moved out of our house when I was seven. My memories of that time are vague at best. Really, I don’t have many childhood memories before the age of 10 when my aunt Kathy took me to see the Little Mermaid at Newport Cinemas. It’s the first movie I remember seeing and to this day its one of my favorites.

Over the years it has become clearer and clearer to me the important role my Aunt played in raising me and my older brother. Besides always being the one adult willing to go see cartoons with me (a fact that remains to this day) she also took a lot of time out of her life to spend having fun with us. I like to think that this made my mom feel less anxious about the amount of time she couldn’t spend with us owing to her new status as a single mom.

My aunt used to get my brother and me memberships to the YMCA in downtown Spokane. She would take us swimming after work during the week. After swimming we’d get dinner at McDonalds or some place like that. This always made me feel so special! How many other kids got to go swimming on a school night and eat a Happy Meal? Ok, so the adult me knows that the Y’s pool was nasty and that McDonalds is disgusting. But the kid me only felt special.

My aunt was always the one who did little things for me and my brother. Things like buying us a funny little toy or taking us to a movie at the dollar theater. Seemingly simple and stupid to some but since we didn’t really get much in the way of material gains as kids the time she took to be with us and show love towards us meant the world to me. I like to think that it helped to fill a little of the nameless void left by my father when he departed.

My aunts efforts in being there for me and my brother also make me think of the role aunts and sisters can play in this crazy mixed up world of ours. My aunt Kathy has no kids of her own but she has a sister who at a time in her life was faced with the improbable task of raising two kids on her own. I know my aunt was mad at my dad for leaving and probably struggling to know the best way to support my mom. In my memory she did a wonderful job. She filled in little gaps in our family with apple pie, movies, swimming at the Y and trips to the video store.

So here’s to you aunt Kathy! I owe as much to you as to anyone in my life for helping me be who I am today – a big hearted over anxious hypochondriac with a propensity for self doubt and ridiculous taste in movies.

A timely Classic brought to you by Calvin and Hobbs