No, it wasn’t Santa, It was me falling down the stairs.

rudolph-hermie-blogMerry Holiday time! Ok, here’s a quick update on the status of the blatass as my dad would say.

1. Yesterday I fell down the stairs while carrying the laundry. The result is that I have two huge bruises on my forearms, on my lower back and a plethora of sore muscles. But don’t fret, the laundry wasn’t hurt at all.

2. I awoke at 7am to check the status of my flights. My plans called for me to fly from Spokane to Sacramento, CA to spend the remainder of my vacation with my other family in Nevada City, CA. I am sad to report that my first flight from Spokane to Seattle was canceled. I had predicted this since we received another 6 inches of snow over night and it was still snowing when I woke up. But no, they say it was a mechanical problem. So then I was put on an early flight. We rushed and hustled to get out the door and to the airport. I shoveled about a foot of snow and ice of my moms car, fell into a snow bank and got snow down my pants in the process. Upon my arrival at the airport I learned that my new flight due to “mechanical problems” was delayed for an hour…then an hour and a half…then two hours. At this point I threw up my hands and called it a day. At this rate I wouldn’t make my connection in Seattle and there was no guarantee that I would be able to get on another flight out of Seattle to Sacramento anyway. I called my mom and as I talked to her I watched as almost every flight on the board was switched to “Delayed”. Boo! My mom picked me up, we drove to my aunts, and I got to say that I was everyone’s Christmas present.

3. My brother and I are now going to drive to Nevada City, via Eugene or Ashland where we can crash with old friends of our Dad’s. Hopefully we will arrive in California on Saturday without much incident.

4. My camera broke. Double Booo!

5. The Day the Earth Stood still is an absolutely horrible film. Keanu Reeves broke my heart. I didn’t think it was possible for him to act so poorly….ok maybe I did. I mean all his films can’t be Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

6. I’ve eaten so much I feel like a stuffed bear. Ugh. Make it stop!

7. I got 5 new Fantasy books for Christmas. I read the first chapter in all of them and can’t wait to read them all! The best looking so far is the Magicians Apprentice (book one in the Riftwar Saga) by Raymond Feist. I also got a previously unpublished book by J.R.R. Tolkien called the Children of Húrin, which promises to be complex and overwhelming while also being an excellent read. Then there is a new book called the Search for the Red Dragon part of the The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica by James A. Owen. I was skeptical about this one but after reading the first chapter I’m so hooked! The other book I’m reading is The Twins (part of the Gemquest Series) by Gary Wasser. He publishes with a quite cool alternative style press called Windstorm Creative. Check ’em out! I am really only reading the Twins because I want to read the fourth book in the series called “The Revenge of the Elves”. It sounds like a great book! I can’t remember the other books I got right now. I’ve already packed them. But once I read them I’ll let you all know how they are!

8. Best line in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas goes something like this: “He’s a sour kraut and toadstool sandwich with arsenic sauce”. That’s awesome!

9. My mom made us get a family portrait taken in matching black turtle necks. God bless her!

10. Out of my four flights I am have supposed to have taken by now I have only successfully completed one…Boston to Minneapolis. Hahahahahahaha

Well at least it's a tree to decorate!

Well at least it's a tree to decorate!

11. We never got around to decorating the new fake Christmas tree

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I fell asleep on my way to Spokane and woke up in Seattle?!!??

img_4578At 5:56pm on Wednesday September 17th I left on a plane from Boston’s Logan Airport. I was headed to my hometown of Spokane Washington by way of Minneapolis. The plane made it ok (most who know me know that flying is the singularly most terrifying thing for me to do) and I made my connection in Minneapolis…though I did lose my most favored sweater in the process. The flight from Minneapolis to Spokane is just under three hours. About an hour into the flight I put on my headphones and started to doze off. At some point I started to feel the plane descend queuing me to feel relief that we were almost in Spokane. In my sleepy state I somewhat registered that we started ascending again. About twenty-five minutes later the pilot came on the speaker and said “well ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be making our decent into Seattle soon, so flight attendants please prepare for arrival.” What! I fell asleep on a plane to Spokane and woke up in Seattle! Don’t worry I included pictures at the end.

oh boy, don’t worry it goes on…and on

The Unforgetable Fire that is Washington DC

picture-0111This last weekend I traveled on the train down from Boston to DC for the fist time since I moved. I was Nervous and excited to go back to my home of 5 years and to see all my friends. You only have to read this to know that I have a rather complicated relationship with Washington DC. But over all coming back meant I got to see all my dear friends and in this case, celebrate some amazing comings and goings (don’t worry there are pictures at the end!)

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And the Puppets Have It…

Now this is an adaptation of Twilight! And it cost a gazillion dollars less to make and I didn’t have to spend $11 to see it.  Plus it’s made with puppets. I think everyone can agree that puppetry should be the preferred form of dramatic interpretation.